Far infra red rays

Decades of research, clinical studies and experiments significantly show FIR has powerful healing properties.

And its recommended to use at home as a supplement method to enhance and improve medical and health conditions as it is safe and non-invasive.

It is just using the best of the Sun Ray’s to help us to recover and overall help improvement.

The Benefits

▪ Activate our Stem Cells
▪ Enhances our natural ability to heal
▪ Emits Negative Ions
▪ Reduce Stress
▪ Reduce Fatigue
▪ Balance Body Temperature
▪ Improves Blood Circulation
▪ Maintain blood pressure at a desired level
▪ Enhances our natural ability to heal
▪ Reduces internal inflammation
▪ Improves old injuries and pain
▪ As a aesthetic product which helps to slim down, beauty.
▪ Weight Management
▪ Cleanse and Detox our body cells

Research and studies have shown that the best wavelength of waves from the Sun is 8-14 micrometer. And people call these Rays the “Healing Rays” They found out that 9.35 micrometer is found to be the best compared to all others. And it is called PHOTON ENERGY WAVE (PEW).

Photon Energy Wave

▪ Produces Heat and store in the water molecules.
▪ Breaks down the water molecules (nanonise) which make the water molecules smaller.
▪ Increases the flow of oxygen in the cells.
▪ Increase the delivery of nutrients to the cells.
▪ Increase the delivery of heat to the cells. Which metabolises in our body and helps to :
     - Detoxify
     - Healthy growth of cells of the body and vital organs
     - Improves blood circulation
     - Enhances our immune system

What is Photon Energy Wave (PEW)?

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Infrared rays were first discovered by Sir William Herschel, a British-German astronomer, in 1800 when he studied solar spectrum. He split the sunlight using a spectroscope, and then measured the temperature of the split rays one by one. To his surprise, he found that the highest temperature zone was out of the visible red rays. That was just the infrared rays. Such lighting area was named "Infrared Rays" (IR). He found that the infrared rays had strong property of thermal behaviors.

Sunlight appeared white when observed by eyes. It has been proved that light consists of 7 kinds of visible colorful rays as well as invisible UV rays, X-rays, α, β, γ-rays, infrared rays, microwaves and radio waves, and each waveband has its unique functions and physical property. In 1893, Wien published light wavelength displacement law. He introduced a formula for calculation of energy wavelength in human bodies. The wavelength of invisible light thus procured is 9.35 μm.

In the past, lightwave researches were concentrated in the physical field. But over the last 25 years, many scientists have found that a given section of wavelength in IR is positive to organisms. It is just the so-called "far IR". 4-14 μm lightwaves are considered to be essential to the lives, thus dubbed "Light of Life". In Asia, especially in Japan, 4~14 μm far IR is dubbed "Light of Life", " Lightwave of Health", "Vital Lightwave" and "Cosmic Energy". Apart from the sun, natural objects such as hot spring water, natural ores, sand and stones can also emit far IR containing "Light of Life".

In recent years, it has been found by overseas researchers that, among the numerous sunlight rays, only 8 ~14 μm far IRs are the solar energy most needed by human bodies, because this section of lightwaves matches the cellular resonance frequency in human body the most (energy wavelength in body is about 9.35μm). This section of lightwaves is thus singled out. Significantly, 9 ~ 10 μm lightwaves are just the essence of the sunlight for they can penetrate deeply through dermal and subcutaneous tissues or even deeper tissues, thus to improve metabolic status and bring the body functionality to a normal status. That is why the best section of rays in sunlight is called "Photon Energy Wave".

Photon Energy Wave (PEW) Cell Therapy

What is not known to the general public is that the stem cells within the body (the ASC adult stem cells) are very sensitive to photon energy waves deep within the body. Generally speaking, there is one stem cell in every ten thousand cells in the adult body, but within which there ore only about 5% being active, and the rest are in the dormant state. The resonating energy of the photon energy wave can activate the activity of these dormant stem cells and make them duplicate and regenerate, this is the basis for reversing aging and improving disorders due to aging (such as diabetes, blood pressures, arthritis, Parkinson's disease, etc... )





Stem Cell Therapy

Large Volume of our Body’s Stem Cell hibernates when typical human being reaches age of 20 years & 18 years for male & female respectively. This leaves only 5% active which is one of the causes of our ageing.

The regeneration of working cells depends on the duplication and differentiation of the stem cells into new working cells, called "the Age Zero Cells". As the new Age Zero Cells increase in numbers, "reverse aging" process will happen. And thus, organs will revitalize, and chronic diseases will improve, theouter-shape of o person will become younger. Applying Stem Cell Therapy for rejuvenations is now getting popular in countries around Europe.

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The Medicine of the Stem Cells

Each person has 60 trillion working cells from birth to 20, involving more than 270 types of cells. 0.01% of the cells (for reserve) are stem cells (or ASC). The 60 trillion working cells will age and die as the age grows. When one reaches 60, the number of remaining working cells will be about 30 trillion. As the working cells decrease, one will show aged look, deteriorating organ functionality and declining energy. The signs of disease of each organ (hypertension, stroke, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, joint pains, renal failure, Parkinson disease etc.) tell you that you are old and your days are numbered!

Renewal of working cells depends on splitting and reproduction of stem cells. The new working cells thus formed are called "virgin cells". Increase of new virgin cells will "reverse the aging process", and restore the organ function. Accordingly, the chronic diseases will also improve, and you will look younger. The stem cell therapy is widely used in Europe to maintain youth and fight ageing. Among the sunlight, 9~10 μm PEWs can activate the stem cells to induce differentiation and reproduction of new "virgin cells", thus injecting new vitality to life. It is just known as the latest Medicine of the Stem Cells!

Additionally, everybody carries cancer cells. Three major factors are blamed for formation of cancer cells: 1. Chemical pollution, 2. Virus infection and 3. Radiation, which cause pathological changes and cancelation of cells. Cancer cells tend to be latent for at least 10 years. If the cancer cells are inhibited in the latent period, cancer won't be formed. PEW radiation is an option to inhibit cancel cells. Therefore, PEW can also serve as an auxiliary tool for cancer treatment.

Our nano PEW semiconductor energy chips can emit 8-14 μm PEWs, which can directly supply energy for renewal of stem cells to form "virgin cells". Persistent use of this product will help the stem cells to form more than 270 types of new working cells. With the PEW semiconductor energy chips of modern medicine beauty therapy to activate stem cells, which can reverse the aging process, rejuvenate your look, and extend a healthy life.

PEWs can activate the stem cells to promote their renewal, and fire up the whole body mechanism, which helps to restore cellular memory and original functionality of organs, thus to restore the original intellect of the life and cure the symptoms of illness more efficiency. With unique performance, it is now the most strongly recommended radical therapy. This achievement is expected to be the most radical, safest and quickest mainstream of medicine for treating chronic diseases in the near future.

The Medicine of the Stem Cells: Cosmetology and Body Shaping Therapy

"PEWs" in sunlight have wavelength of 9~10 μm, are similar to that of waves emitted by human bodies (9.35μm), and bring wave resonances to promote blood circulation, improve metabolism, conduct energy, and activate stem cells to regenerate working cells. PEWs show quick effect in promoting endothelial cells and "fibroblasts" to form collagen, thus to promote self-healing, which is very important for skin repair and ageing resistance. In the meantime, it mitigates damaged skin and wrinkles.

Activated facial stem cells will boost skin's vitality, repair the damaged facial skin and completely eliminate stubborn skin problems (small lipoma, flat wart, pimples, black eye, pouch, crow’s feet, wrinkles, dull skin and so on). PEW thermo chip provides a solution to skin white, tender, smooth and bright by activating the stem cells. The beauty therapy has the following benefits:

Eyes :
Using Nano PEW Chip Thermo Eyeshade: Several times a day, and each time 30 minutes. Effective for aged eye cells, degeneration, black eye and so on.

Face :
Using Nano PEW Chip Thermo Masks: After cleaning the face, using it several times a day, and each time 30 minutes. Improve pimples and pocks quickly, and forms young, white, fine, smooth, spotless and bright complexion.

Breast :
Using Nano PEW Chip Breast Pads: After cleaning the body, using it several times a day, and each time 30 ~ 60 minutes. For users with flat breast, underdeveloped mammary glands and postnatal saggy breasts, place the nano PEW chip on the breast. Use of nano PEW chip thermo mattress can help to promote mammary glands, better elastin ligament contractility, firm pectorals, activate breast cells, bright and elastic skin.

Belly :
Using Nano PEW Chip Bellybands: To place it on belly from one week after delivery of baby. For weight loss, place it on obese area 4 ~ 6 times a day, and each time 60 minutes. Using nano PEW chip thermo equipment or nano PEW chip thermo health chair 4~6 times a day, each time 60 minutes, which can strengthen metabolic function, remove excessive water and body fat, rebuild connective tissues, improve abdominal activity and reshape the body.

Body Care :
Using Nano PEW Chips Thermo Mattress or Health Chair: Activate the anti-ageing mechanism all-roundly, improve insomnia & headache, reshape the body, activate the skin, and achieve preventative results. Therefore, to regain youth, simply sleep on nano PEW chips thermo mattress every night and sit on nano PEW chip thermo health chair 4~6 times everyday, each time 30 ~ 60 minutes. After persistent use for one year, you will feel younger and energetic.

PEW Stem Cell Effects and Energy Chip Mechanisms

PEW beams penetrating into body will resonate with molecules in body at a rate of up to 298,000 x10 eighth-power resonances, being a way of direct energy transfer!

Resonant waves gives "thermal effect" different from general thermotherapy or sauna in terms of theory and result, for PEW can penetrate 15 cm into body, bringing much more benefits than general thermotherapy, such as:

  • Quicken blood flow and microcirculation

  • Increase blood oxygen content and cell oxygen level

  • Promote metabolism

  • Accelerate excretion of waste products

  • Boost activity of the cells

  • Enhance immunity

  • Boost anti-oxidation ability

  • Boost general resistance against diseases, ageing and cancers

  • Promote healing of wound and bone fracture

  • Relax nerves and muscles

  • Improve sleep, pains, inflammation and general functionality

  • "Non- thermal effect" is something even more important, for PEWs can directly trigger resonance of molecules in body, forming a kind of very important biological quantum energy. It can restore the molecular structure and functions to improve the cellular function and produce a series of permanent and radical changes (improvement). The effect reaches deeply into organelles, such as mitochondrion, Golgi body, reticular body and DNA, thus to form cellular energy, enzymes, coenzymes, various growth factors and cellular factors, oxidation, reproduction and renewal. Apparently, PEWs have incredible effect in cellular activation & renewal, life function reinstatement and metabolism, which are critical to life. Very few people know that the stem cells (ASC) are very sensitive to PEWs penetrating into the body. Generally, 0.01% of the cells in an adult are stem cells (reserve cells), but only about 5% of them are active, and the rest of them stay dormant. The resonant energy produced by PEWs can activate these stem cells, so that they restart splitting, reproduction and renewal actively to form new "virgin cells", which is the base for reversing the ageing process and improving degenerations (such as diabetes, blood pressure, degenerative joints and Parkinson disease). Such effect is called "PEW stem cell effect".

    Progress in Nano PEW Researches

    Every kind of substance in the world is composed of molecules, atoms and electrons. Electrons are invisible by eye, but they are an essential part of substances. TCM drugs and western medicines are also substances. That means they contain electrons of different quality. When the patient take them, mechanical or chemical reaction will occur inside the body, and photocurrent will be formed. The substances are delivered via the meridian system (light guide system) to the whole body including the affected area, thus to regulate yin-yang, stabilize normal running of electrons, eliminate disease and improve fitness.

    Different therapies like traditional medicine, modern medicine, acupuncture, massage and electrotherapy can treat a range of diseases at a certain degree, but the structure of human bodies is the same, and why different therapies achieve the same purpose and effect. We believe that, through energy transformation, different therapies achieve energy of the same nature in the end: photocurrent, an inherent nature of human bodies, or the nature of "qi".

    There is an important TCM principle: when qi travels, blood will flow. When qi is stagnant, blood flow will also be stagnant. By nature, qi is a kind of photon energy flow consisting of a special substance transformed from various substances and elements. Just like AC or DC current that can run in a conductor, "photon energy flow" runs throughout the body through the meridian system. This is arguably the nature and running pattern of qi in human bodies. Brainwaves represent energy of the highest nature of brain functionality. Brainwave field comes in the form of space-time waves, namely PEWs. Only such special photocurrent or PEW can form energy flow in body, and re-transform the energy into essential substances such as amino acid and proteins to human body needs and such cycle runs again and again.

    The significant progress in nanotechnology today has been far-reaching influence on the human medical care. Using the research results of nano PEWs can relieve many complicated and stubborn symptoms. The medical professionals can simply use nano equipment to clear the cerebral thrombosis and coronary artery fatty deposits.

    Understand the Life Message, Stimulate the Biological Energy

    Currently, the life science researches are focused on the source of life. By means of the molecular biology, cellular biology through the organism or biological formula study, the researchers have gain a good understanding of genetic isolation, changes and restructuring, and have developed technologies of cellular & tissue culture, biological screening, transplantation, biotransformation and genetic modification. They are making contribution to younger, healthy and longer life directly or indirectly by procuring communal chain of primitives and protein, and mass production, purification and development of anti-body proteins effective for repair and renewal of organ cells.

    Nano PEW Semiconductor Energy Chip

    Energy emitted by the chip produces the following mechanisms:

  • Photon Energy Wave When contacted the body, 8 ~ 14 μm light waves with strong penetration will be released to reach the nidus or histiocytes, with the effect of renewing and activating cells, mitigating the ageing process, and improving physical strength. PEWs are therefore called "Light of Life".

  • Wave Resonance 298,000 X 10 eighth-power resonances per second procure intensive vibration of organic molecules and water molecules in body, that will lead to rising temperature of cells deep inside, so that the capillaries expand, thus to promote blood circulation and prevent stroke and myocardial infarction. Resonances help transformation and expulsion of fat in blood vessels and abdomen through urine, feces and sweat, which enhances metabolism, and achieves the purpose of cleaner blood and better fitness.

  • Blood Circulation PEWs can quicken blood flow, promote blood circulation, balance qi and blood, regulate the physique, and improve physical strength and health.

  • Energy Transfer Release of 260 ERG or more thermal energy helps formation of enzymes, activates histiocytes, strengthens negative ions, increases blood flow 2-5 times and promotes blood circulation, so that the existing ailments will heal or improve, and achieves the benefits of immunological improvement, physiological regulation, beauty, shaping, younger look and better health. All these benefits will combine to achieve the goal of longevity.

  • Improvement of Cellular Metabolism PEWs can activate cellular molecules to transfer the nutrients (enzymes) to all over the body, thus to regulate the physiological functionality, maintain young skin, and achieve the goal of Nano Family, Healthy to 120.



    What is not known to the general public is that the stem cells within the body (the ASC adult stem cells) are very sensitive to photon energy waves deep within the body. Generally speaking, there is one stem cell in every ten thousand cells in the adult body, but within which there ore only about 5% being active, and the rest are in the dormant state. The resonating energy of the photon energy wave can activate the activity of these dormant stem cells and make them duplicate and regenerate, this is the basis for reversing aging and improving disorders due to aging (such as diabetes, blood pressures, arthritis, Parkinson's disease, etc... )

    Therapeutic Theory of Photon Energy Wave

    The collective bundles of photon energy wave, deep in the human body, can create harmonious molecular resonance with the molecular structures of the human body. The resonating waves achieve 289,000 x l 08/sec. (NTC) and 298,000x108/sec. (TC), it is a kind of direct energy transmission The resonating waves within the body can produce "thermic effects", and it is very different from the theories and effects of the common heat therapeutics or spas. Besides, photon energy wave con penetrate l5 centimeters deep into the human body, the advantages, such as (1) to increase the amounts of blood circulation and micro-circulation, (2) to increase oxygen content in the blood and cells, (3) to speed up the transport of nutrients, (a) to speed up the removal of waste materials within the body, (5) to promote metabolism, (6) to increase the mobility of all kinds of body cells, (7) to enhance the immune system, (8) to elevate the anti-oxidative ability in the body. (9) to promote the healing of wounds and bone fractures, (10) to relax neuro-muscle tension, (11) to improve insomnia, pain, inflammation and the wholistic mechanism of the body, (12) to level up the general capability of anti-disease, anti-aging and anti-cancer. All these effects are far greater than the common heat therapeutics.

    Application of Photon Energy Wave

         ▪ Eye
         ▪ Face
         ▪ Chest
         ▪ Waist
         ▪ Overall

    Five Major Mechanisms of Nano PEW Energy Medicine Technology

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    With advances in medicine and technology, humans have made a major breakthrough in disease control, prolonging of life span is no longer a dream. But as the sense of health is increasing, people's need of medical care does not rest on medication merely. In stead, they care more about prevention of the diseases and avoidance of complication, sequela and death. These shall start from developing healthy attitudes and behaviors. In addition to the mainstream of traditional western medicine, some alternative therapies are also effective for health and disease prevention. According to Medical Care, in 2004, 28.9% of Americans ever tried alternative therapies. Additionally, most of medical schools in the USA have courses of alternative therapies.

    These alternative therapies include TCM, acupuncture & moxibustion, aromatherapy and nutritional therapy. Significantly, photon energy therapy is also applied in practice. In recent years, foreign researchers have found that, among the numerous light waves of sunlight, only 8 ~14 μm light waves are the solar energy most needed by human bodies, because this section of light waves matches the human cellular resonance frequency the most, which is thus singled out and named it “Light of life”. Significantly, 9 ~ 10 µm light waves are just the essence of the sunlight. That is why the best section of light waves in sunlight is called "Photon Energy Wave".

    PEWs can permeate 150 mm through dermal and subcutaneous tissues to improve metabolism and normalize the functionality.

    The significant progress in nano technology has brought far-reaching influence on human medical care. Using the research results of nano PEWs can relieve many complicated and stubborn symptoms. The medical professionals can simply use nano equipment to clear the cerebral thrombosis and coronary artery fatty deposits. Our nano PEW semiconductor energy chips can effectively release PEWs needed by human bodies, with average emission of as high as 85%. When the energy chip contacts body, five major energy transformation effects will occur to boost immunity and enzyme function, and activate histiocytes and renewal function, thus to improve chronic diseases that are incurable by medicines.

    Five major mechanisms offered by our nano PEW semiconductor energy chips:

    1. Energy Chip : The chips that are made of semiconductor material with adopting the nano medicinal technology, can precisely release 8-14 µm photon energy waves (PEW), whose wavelength is similar to that of the waves emitted by human bodies (9.35 µm). That is why the PEWs can activate cellular renewal and our patented chips are the only major invention of the nano medicinal technology in the world.

    2. Photon Energy Wave : The 8-14 µm photon energy waves released when the chips contact human bodies can permeate through the body and reach the nidus or any organic area to achieve the effect of repair and ageing delaying by activating histiocytes and promoting cellular renewal. It is therefore called "Light of Life".

    3. Wave Resonance : The wavelength is similar to that of the waves emitted by human bodies (9.35 µm). 298,000×10 eighth-power resonances per second procure intensive vibration of water molecules in body that will lead to rising temperature of cells deep inside. With the resonance and powerful penetration, the photon energy is conducted to supply energy necessary for cellular activation, promote metabolism, reverse the aging process and potentiate rejuvenation.

    4. Blood Circulation : It increases blood flow 2-2.5 times and promotes blood circulation, increases blood oxygen content and cell oxygen level, boosts activity of the cells and enhances immune function, thus promoting overall physical ability to fight the diseases. That meets the traditional Chinese medicine pathology.

    5. Activate Cells : Everyone is developed from a fertilized egg (Embryonic Stem Cell) at the very beginning. The fertilized egg splits by multiplication until 5 months as the fetus is formed, at which stage the number of cells is about 3 trillion. An adult has total 60 trillion cells when at 20, involving more than 270 types of cells. Henceforth, cells begin to aging, degradation, and the number of cells decrease year by year as the age grows. When at 60, the number of cells will be about half of the original number, namely 30 trillion. When at 80, the number will be further reduced to 15 trillion. Sickness is linked with aging and decreasing organic cells. The less the cells are, the poorer the body functionality will be. That means people will be more vulnerable to diseases. To regain youth and reverse the aging process, one must activate his stem cells to reproduce new cells (same effect with cord blood), which is crucial to youth maintenance, health and longevity. Persistent use of our nano PEW energy thermo chips products can activate cells to regenerate new virgin cells, and let you to regain a happy and healthy life.

    The Mechanism of Nano PEWs In Human Bodies

    Nano PEWs are a component of sunlight. This component is easily absorbable by water molecules and organic molecules. The molecules themselves vibrate continuously. After absorbing photon energy, the molecules will vibrate more intensively. Japanese researchers believe that the water molecules and organic molecules, the most basic components forming our tissues, will vibrate faster once their energy is excited. From the simplest sense, frictional heat will be generated and temperature at the radiated area will rise, so that capillaries are expanded and microcirculation is quickened. In the modern medicine, vasodilators are used to achieve this result throughout the body. Promotion of local microcirculation has long been a field of the physical research and application. Therefore, Japanese researchers believe that PEWs can penetrate deeply into tissues to trigger some effects.

    But Chinese researchers hold that PEWs have little penetrating ability. They can reach only 4-5mm under skin surface. This is difference between opinions of the Japanese and Chinese researchers. Our researches demonstrate that the views of both of them are right, but just rest on the surface. In fact, the PEWs do not penetrate deeply, just because the water molecules and organic molecules under skin surface absorb the PEW rays, and vibrate more quickly. Such energy status is not stable. The energy will be re-released in the form of rays. The released energy is transferred to deeper water molecules. Therefore, continuous radiation will procure deep transfer of energy continuously, rather than penetrate through the tissues directly.

    As more PEW research results are applied medically, the departments and enterprises in Taiwan are stepping up effort in this technology, which has been a major scientific breakthrough and paid off with our nano PEW biochips.

    Thermal Effects of Photon Energy Waves

    The thermal effect of 8-14 µm PEWs at 37℃~45℃ mainly depends on difference of energy levels produced by vibration or spinning of molecules in tissues, and resonance with solar photon energy, which promotes molecules to vibrate or spin fast and collide with each other, and release heat by non-radiation relaxation to return to lower energy level.

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    The thermal effect of nano PEW semiconductor energy chip has the following action of mechanism:

    1. Warm the skin to promote blood circulation and perspiration

  • (Inoue&Kabaya,1989,Ise et al,1987) Intensive PEW radiation can quicken blood circulation of healthy young people's arm skin. It may result in rising temperature and resultant skin blood vessel dilatation, which in return to promote the blood circulation.

  • (Ogawal et al,1991) More than 3 µm wavelength may effectively cause vibration of water molecules in the outer skin, procure conversion of energy into thermal energy, which is spread to the adjacent temperature sensing nerves, thus having stronger temperature effect than other wavebands.

  • (Ogawal et al,1991) PEWs cause more perspiration of unexposed areas than other IRs. Conclusively, PEWs can effectively stimulate the functionality of sweat glands.

  • 2. Regulate blood vessel function and prevent arteriosclerosis

    PEWs can increase the consistency of enzyme which is synthesized by nitrogen monoxide in endothelial cells, thus to relax the blood vessels, inhibit proliferation of vascular smooth muscles and platelet aggregation and leukocyte adhesion in blood vessels.

    3. Stimulate lactation

    About 3/4 of breastfeeding women participating in the experiments reported more milk after their breasts received radiation of PEWs for one month continuously. Conclusively, PEWs may more conveniently and effectively stimulate lactation than the commonly used massage or warm pressing therapy.

    4. Regulate sleep

    (Honda&Inoue,1988, Inoue&Kabaya,1989) Long PEW radiation can regulate the sleep and awake quality of free mice. Researchers found that, with time remaining unchanged, they could rest better when in sleep time, and acted more actively while awake.

    (Kotori et al, 1988) It seems that healthy young people receiving PEWs while sleep report little change of the sleep quality. But people with insomnia report remarkable improvement of sleep quality. In the meantime, when a person feels uncomfortable, PEW radiation will also show positive effect psychologically and physiologically.

    5. Promote growth

    (Inoue&Honda, 1986, Inoue&Kabaya,1989) Long PEW radiation can lead to weight gain of developing mice, although the result is not significant. Conclusively, PEW radiation can indirectly influence status of a whole individuality positively due to its body temperature increasing effect. In the meantime, radiation may promote secretion of growth hormone.

    6. Promote wound healing and skin growth factor activity

    Persistent PEW radiation helps wound healing of mice. Data show that it can promote secretion of transforming growth factor β1 and activate fibroblasts. It may be because of the fact that the activated fibroblasts promote formation of "collagen fibers", and collagen fibers are linked with wound repair. Such effect is directly linked with the fact that PEW can increase skin temperature and quicken blood circulation.

    In the meantime, no abnormal burning or inflammation was observed in experiments, and the plasma components didn't show difference from those in mice not receiving the radiation. It indicates that PEW radiation at room temperature won't cause unwanted thermal behaviors, but can boost activity of the skin growth factor while in inflammatory status and stimulate collagen building at the stage of proliferation and integration, so that flat scars are formed and the wound healing time is shortened. Therefore, it is a recommended therapy for wound treatment.

    7. Mitigate pains:

    PEWs heating effect can stimulate heat sensor in skin, relax vascular smooth muscles via hypothalamic reflex, promote blood circulation, and promote transudation absorption to eliminate inflammation and swelling. It also mitigates muscle tension and spasm, lowers nerve conduction excitement, improves pain tolerance, and relieves pains caused by rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis or sports injury.

    8. Boost leukocyte functionality, inhibit lipid peroxidation and reduce tumor cell proliferation

    PEW radiation of neutrophils can induce significant increase of calcium ion level in cells, which may be linked with boosted leukocyte functionality. It seems that PEWs can also inhibit lipid peroxidation caused by sunlight radiation. Lipid peroxidation is generally linked with cytotoxicity and "cancerization". According to research report, PEWs can inhibit tumor growth factor in mice while the sensed temperature remains unchanged (25℃).

    In brief, nano PEW semiconductor energy chips have the following health benefits:

    1. boost immunity, enzyme functionality and renewal function to improve physique

    2. boost anti-oxidation capacity

    3. repair the cells and retard ageing

    4. increase blood and tissue oxygen level, activate cells and boost oxygen level in body

    5. expand blood vessels, quicken blood flow and micro-circulation, and activate the cells

    6. boost cellular activity

    7. improve immunity to help the body heal itself

    8. treat chronic diseases (such as diabetes, sciatica and cardiovascular disease)

    9. improve overall resistance against diseases, ageing and cancer

    10. promote blood circulation and metabolism

    11. alleviate inflammation and promote wound and bone fracture healing

    12. relax nerves and muscles to change injury status and pains

    13. accelerate excretion to remove hazardous substances and waste products out of body

    14. improve sleep, pains, inflammation and general functionality to improve dysautonomia status (insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome and depression).