Sun Aliances’ Products are designed to:

▪ Reduce Fatigue
▪ Help Diabetes
▪ Remove Toxins
▪ Improve Blood Circulation
▪ Improve Hypertension
▪ Help Arthritis and Rheumatism
▪ Helps Myopia and Presbyopia
▪ Reduce Wrinkles and Dark Circles
▪ Help Metabolism
▪ Reduce Backaches
▪ Revitalise Cells
▪ Beautify Complexion
▪ Have Anti-Aging effects
▪ Reduce Menstrual Pain
▪ Help Cervic and Prostate

Some of our products are:

Nano Power Complete Health Recliner

Our Beauty Recliner promotes comprehensive beauty care at once. May apply the design of the photon-energy wave to be a session at the SPA.

Nano Power Executive Chair

This Executive chair promotes blood circulation and metabolism that helps to reduce the back, neck, shoulders, arms and log problems.

Nano Energy Pillow Pad

Our Pillow Pad improves blood circulation on our head and neck area. It reduces stiffness and tension on our neck. With a better blood circulation Pillow Pad helps to regulate and transport more oxygen and nutrients resulting in better sleep and also helps those with migrane, toothache and snoring problem.

Nano Energy Bed Pad

Our bed pad enhances blood circulation for the entire body reducing your muscle tension, relieving pains, helping insomnia problems and increase oxygen intake and utilization from breathing, which result in giving you a deep and fulfilling rest. It gradually helps in hyper tension, migrane, back injuries and constipation.

Energy Saving Carbon Reducing Wine Alcoholizing Products

Nano Energy Fuel Saver

The unique patented Nano Energy Fuel Saver, designed with the principle of PEW resonances, triggers as many as 298,000*10 eighth-power resonances per second.
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Beautification Shaping Series

Nano Power Face Mask

Use Nano Power Face Mask on cleaned face 2 – 3 times a day, each time 30 minutes, and apply skin care products after taking off the Face Mask, which will help initiate facial stem cells activating mechanisms to promote renewal of the working cells.
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Nano Power Eye Mask

For adults, long hours of sitting before the computer and eyes on the screen will cause eye pains and fatigues. For children, long hours of reading or watch TV at short range will cause pseudo myopia.
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Nano Energy Breast Pads

For users with flat breast, underdeveloped mammary glands and postnatal saggy breasts, place our Nano Energy Breast Pads on the breast.
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Ageing Preventing Series

Nano Energy Waist Belt

In the daytime, keep it tied around the abdomen. The heat and PEW energy produced by the PEW nano semiconductor thermal chips is driven into body through the resonance and powerful penetration...
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Nano Energy Neck Wrap

Due to the El Nino phenomenon, the unstable weather changes so widely and sandstorm wreaks havoc from time to time. Many people are thus afflicted with respiratory diseases such as cough...
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Nano Energy Wrist Wrap

More and more hand joint injury syndromes linked with excessive computer use or sports injury are reported. Photon energy waves generated by our PEW Nano Energy Wrist Wrap...
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Nano Energy Knee Wrap

Use of the pads on your knees will not only support the knees, but also provide the benefits of “thermal effect” brought by energy waves emitted...
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All-round Home Health Preservation Care

Nano Power Complete Health Recliner

Utilizing the heat and PEW released by nano semiconductor energy chip to provide an integrated heating, hot compress and thermal penetration therapy...
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Nano Power Mattress

Sleep on Nano Power Mattress every night to enjoy PEW heating and activating benefits. The hot compress mechanism promotes metabolism and microcirculation...
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Nano Power QiGong Master

Nano Power QiGong Master consists of two sets of semiconductor energy thermal chips for partial reinforced use. It can be placed at any areas of the body, with the aim...
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Copper Ion Series Products

Nano Energy Water Energizer (Mobile)

With Japanese copper fibers inside, after soaked in tap water for 1 hour, it can timely eliminate chlorine, odor, bacteria and the water will be ready for drinking directly.
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Nano Energy Water Energizer (Home)

Soak a Nano Energy Water Energizer (Home) in the home drinking fountain or kitchen water tank about 60 minutes to generate energized water.
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